Merry Quine-mas 2010

Tonight is the eve of the anniversary of W. V. Quine's death. (in Japanese time zone :-)

 %;';;X=   %q(x=1;                                                     z="%c"%
 32;eval   %w(w=N=                   Merry                             =128;r=
 z*79+$/; ;p=open"                  /                                  dev/dsp
  ","w"rescue$_;/                  /                                   ;eval"s
   rand(%s)"%$*[    d=0];a=[];s=(r+z+%    (%;';;X=#{z*    3}%q(#{X});e val(X))
     +r*=23).l      ines.map{|l|l.chop+  r};t=proc{|y|s  [y][x-1,w].sca n(/\S
   /){s[y+1][m=x    -1+$`  .size  ,1]==           z&&a<  <[$&,m,        y,s[y
  ][m]=$/]};y};t[   23];f  =(0..  1071)   .map{|i|c,x,y   =a.shuffle!.  pop;s
 [y][x]=z ;[794-46  .03*i  **0.4  +y/k=  (3+ra    nd*w=          3)/9,[t
 [t[y]-1   ],x,c],  (0..y  /k).m  ap{[y  -=k,0.5+x+=k*r  and*2-k,?*]}]} ;"|ii
 xCG40_|   CK8&d9B  ix0,B  J?B?G  ^K9CG   CJ|ii>Ci?9CV;   =*-*.sEA.2gA  w>dc=
  :     `:z:J>      s      9QvA:>      J      taaA>`      :      @AP;Fa     c
  y   =Anm|?Bdqr    h    ?<CDJCD<IU    <    DuCJ>:d_C?    h    ?<CWC:'.'+   r
  9  A.*. '>| =*-   *   .:9i 9A> :JC   s   :Q> :>9 CJA=   g   `;C i9A >M".  b
 yt  es{|c|a+=([%  [+.  5$2-'30&)"/:  (7%  !*][c%19].or  d]*  [47,23,11][4  -c
 /1   9]<     <3   3).   *c/     95   +1}   ;$     ><<   (T=   "%     q\x   7e
  '    #{e="\x1    b [    "}H#{e}J    # {    e}?25")+    " l    ";863.do    w
   n to(0){|i|b=r +   [ "'"*25]*2*"_ (   c )_2010_@mame t   t er,@hirekoke "
    ;f.map{ |j,x,v     |i<j&&( y,x,c=     v.pop| |x;x<0|     |x>78| |b[x+y.
   to_i*80]=0<i&&i<   40??#:c)};($><<(   i>0?e+"H":T+"h")   +b).flush;(p)?4.
   times{N. times{v   =8;4.tim es{|l|t   =a[l*N* 9+d/N%11   52];t>3 3&&v+=(d
    *0.11*4**(t/24     .0-l%3))%8<=>4     };d+=1;p<<[16*     v].pack("C*")}
      ;p.flush}:         sleep(0.1)         };puts)*""         ;);eval(X)

Save the code as "quinemas2010.rb" and run it under an terminal bigger than 80 x 24. You can use cygwin if you're a windows user. You may need to use "aoss" or "padsp" if you're using Un*x. I tested it with ruby 1.8.7p299 and 1.9.2p0.

A screencast for you guys who are lazy:


  • Q. Is this a pseudo-Quine because its output is not strictly equal to the code?
    • A. Yes. This is a Quine generator. Run it as follows. You'll find tmp1.rb is certainly a Quine.
$ ruby quinemas2010.rb 0 > tmp1.rb
$ ruby tmp1.rb 0 > tmp2.rb
$ diff tmp1.rb tmp2.rb
  • Q. What does the command line argument mean?

    • A. A random seed which affects how to snow.
  • Q. How does it animate?

    • A. It just prints each frame with the aid of escape sequence. Because it uses only ANSI escape code, it works on almost all terminal emulator (but not cmd.exe).
  • Q. How does it play a sound?

translated from mamememo in Japanese (2010-12-24).